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Da Vinci's International School is not only a high school! The building has both: the high school and a new primary school facility.

We provide comprehensive educational development for youth.

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Qualified staff helps our students in a diligent and thorough preparation for the Polish and International matura exam.

With us, you will pass the maturity exams with flying colors!

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We offer some extra classes, thanks to which our students discover their talents and develop new interests.

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Welcome to our new high school with international standards and bilingual curriculum. Get yourself a great start for the university and develop your talents with Da Vinci!

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new bilingual high school in krakow
new bilingual private high school in krakow surrounded by trees
colorful lockers in the hallway in a modern private high school
kolorowa nowoczesna klasa w liceum prywatnym
corridor in high school with colorful pouffes and tables

We're getting ready for 2019/2020 school year!

Da Vinci High School is a bilingual non-public high school, which was established in response to the needs of young people living in Krakow and its suburbs.

The building is connected to a primary school - more information at English Primary School.

Thanks to our 10 years of experience in managing educational institutions, we are able to create an unique and stimulating environment for young people. Our teaching methods effectively increase students' knowledge and help them achieve the highest exam results. We are a part of Pacuła Educational Group.

High School Student! We focus on the development of linguistic skills, so you will speak English every day at Da Vinci school!

Here you will pass Polish or international matura exam - we provide full preparation for the matriculation examination thanks to our highly qualified staff.

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What do you gain with Da Vinci?

    We offer two teaching programs: "Polish Matura" and IB Programme with the possibility of changing them after the second year of high school.


    Da Vinci gives you an opportunity to obtain an international Diploma, thanks to which you can study at worldwide known universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.


    Da Vinci's students are treated as individuals for whom we prepare a curriculum based on their needs and situations. You will discover and develop your strengths here.


    We respect students' involvement in extracurricular activities and motivate them to cultivate their passions. We offer interesting extra classes, thanks to which you will develop your interests.


    Our classrooms are equipped with the most interactive solutions. We have also modern library and brand new multimedia room. We are changing along with technological trends.


    We provide our students with private transport to school and back home. Feel like in American High School thanks to our School Bus.


Completing the International Baccalaureate and obtaining a diploma allows you to study at the best universities around the world.

This program is based on 6 subjects selected by the student from the following groups: language, mathematical, social, experimental and artistic.

Our academic classes provide full preparation for the matura exam. Modern teaching methods support the overall development of every young person.

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kobieta nauczyciel przygotowująca do matury międzynarodowej i polskiej

In our high school we give students the opportunity to choose - they can approach the international baccalaureate or choose the Polish matriculation exam.

Both types of exams are preceded by full preparation and support from our teaching staff. We provide new educational opportunities and dynamic comprehensive development.

Regarding the Polsih matura exam, three subjects are compulsory at the basic level (Polish, Mathematics, modern foreign) and at least one subject at an advanced level.

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licealistka w trakcie pisania egzaminu maturalnego po liceum Da Vinci

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