DP Core

Theory of knowledge

Theory of Knowledge is a course whose completion is one of the prerequisites for the International Baccalaureate Diploma, and the fulfillment of its requirements along with the requirements of the Extended Essay contributes to the final score. It is an interdisciplinary course designed to teach the foundations of epistemology and critical thinking.

Theory of Knowledge develops the ability to pose questions, develops a critical and reflective attitude towards all kinds knowledge. Students are introduced to specific areas of knowledge such as mathematics, science, art, ethics, and social studies.

On the basis of the knowledge acquired in class, the DP student:

  • demonstrates critical reasoning skills
  • is able to verify the best ways of acquiring knowledge
  • identifies the relationships and dependencies between the various fields of knowledge and ways of acquiring it
  • relates his/her own experiences to ways of acquiring knowledge
  • understands that personal views may affect the formulation of conclusions
  • uses the acquired knowledge in everyday situations
  • analyzes the resources in order to acquire and deepen their knowledge
Creativity Activity Service

CAS goes beyond what is typically required of students in school by focusing on holistic personal development through: Creativity (artistic interests), Activity (physical development) and Service (social activities and volunteering).
In keeping with the objective of the IB programme, CAS aims to create a counterbalance to academic learning so that the young person can also excel in extracurricular skills and develop socially and cognitively. The experiences gained during the

CAS are supposed to foster greater curiosity about the world, shape teamwork skills, teach independence, diligence and independence in decision-making, as well as tolerance for diversity.

As a requirement for receiving the diploma, students are expected to participate in the CAS program, which they undertake to do through systematic activities and to keep a regular record of their experiences and reflections, as well as new skills learned in the program.

Extended Essay

Extended Essay, the completion of which is one of the prerequisites for the International Baccalaureate Diploma, and the fulfillment of its requirements, together with the requirements of Theory of Knowledge, translates into final marks.

It is an original research paper on a selected topic related to one of the subjects taught in the IB DP program, written by the student over the two years of the DP programme. Throughout this time, the student works with his or her supervisor, which makes the process comparable to writing a Bachelor's thesis. It should be about 4000 words long.

The main aims of Extended Essay are :

  • deepening knowledge in the field chosen by the student
  • developing skills of using and quoting resources
  • encouraging a student to develop research skills
  • drawing conclusions, analyzing and conducting research on a chosen topic
  • developing critical thinking skills
  • learning to organize work and be systematic