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Bilingual High School

Recruitment to Da Vinci High School is ongoing! International IB exam, classes in English, creative environment - check out what awaits you in our school!

Da Vinci High School is a non-public bilingual high school offering the highest level of private education. The school building is located at Pilotów 4c and is a combination of a primary school and a secondary school. We offer 2 curriculum: Polish Baccalaureate (Matura Polska) and International Baccalaureate (IB).

In our school, students speak English every day, which allows them to perfectly master this language. We offer interesting extracurricular activities, specialist courses and frequent trips abroad. With us you will discover your professional predispositions, achieve the best results in exams and get to your dream university - in Poland or abroad!

Why should you choose Da Vinci High School?

International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a two-year curriculum based on a high student activity and is a part of an international educational program. It provides education at the highest level and guarantees success in an international professional career. IB Matura open the door to the world's best universities.

Modern multimedia equipement

In Da Vinci High School we have spacious interiors, classes full of interactive equipement and innovative digital solutions prepared for our students. The modern school environment ensures full interactivity in teaching.

Remote learning

We use the latest tools that enable remote learning at highest level. Our students take part in live lessons, thanks to which they remain fully interactive with teachers and students, despite their presence in different places.

After-school activities

Da Vinci Bilingual High School offers interesting optional classes, thanks to which students develop their talents and interests. Programming, Design, Oxford Debates, Young Doctor Academy - these are just some of the Da Vinci's After School Club activities!

Classes conducted in English

At Da Vinci High School, we do not only teach foreign languages, we also conduct lessons in which English is the language of instructions!

Access to the best universities

Are you dreaming of Harvard, Oxford, Princeton or Cambridge? Completing the IB matura exam allows you to study at the most prestigious universities in the world!

Join us!

Da Vinci High School

How to recruit to Da Vinci High School?

Contact us via email or phone and make an appointment at a selected facility.

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Bring your child to the meetings with the English teacher and psychologist (possible online).

Fill in the documents enabling your child to take free trial lessons at our school and bring them to the free classes.

Make a decision and sign a contract with us. We invite you to Da Vinci High School!

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Recruitment to Da Vinci

is ongoing ALL YEAR!

Your path of individual development, advanced school subjects


Develop your humanistic talents!

Debate/Native Speaker
Social Studies
Polish as foreign language

Improve your writing, reading and interpretation skills. Explore distant literary eras and face the greatest works of Polish and world literature. Discover your editorial talents and let your imagination run wild as you write. Do not be afraid of grammar and spelling traps!


Anything is possible if you can only dream it. Let's make these dreams a reality! During art & design lessons, you will not only gain inspiration, but the tools and knowledge necessary to practice drawing, painting, creating. Practice makes perfect - if they can do it, so can you!

Debate/Native Speaker

Develop your English thinking and speaking skills with a native speaker while practicing expressing your opinions respectfully and backed-up with facts. One of the only lessons where it is necessary to argue with your teacher ;) 

Foreign Languages

Learn your chosen languages ​​with us!


Frank Smith claimed that: "One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way." Let's learn English then and step through them together!


Discover the secrets of science!

Natural Sciences
Information Technology (IT)

Jimmy Buffett said: "Without geography, you're nowhere" so come and discover the World with us!


During our biology lessons we will learn many things about ourselves and the world around. We will get to know the secrets of all living things. But this won't be the only journey we set off on. Microcosmos - the world not detectable by human eyes is for the taking. Are you ready to explore?

IB subjects

Get ready to International Baccalaureate!

Available subjects soon!

Develop your passions!

"There are always interesting things happening at Da Vinci High School: we have interactive lessons, trips abroad and many extra-curricular activities that help us develop our interests. Our teachers encourage us to express our creativity in everything we do. Thanks to that we can really focus on our own passions." Ola, 15 years old
"Da Vinci High School is really cool. Super modern, with great equipment and all the teaching aids you need. I really appreciate the remote learning which is very well organized here. I recommend the school to everyone!" Kuba, 15 years old
"Honestly, I like everything at Da Vinci. The classes are great, the teachers are very helpful, and my classroom mates are friends for life. I would like to study abroad and I know that with the help of Da Vinci High School it will be possible! " Nadia, 16 years old
"Our high school is a real example of unity in diversity. We have students from all over the world, thanks to which we get to know different cultures and environments. Thanks to the classes in English, I can speak this language very well." Peter, 15 years old
"The School year for my kid was special as he was experincing the education out of India for the first time. And, the school really made the time worthful and memorable by its conducive environment for the kids. He enjoyed the classess, trips with Teachers and will always have this closer to his heart. Indeed, the teachers as well were very friendly and approachable and always ready to take feedback." Vedaant's Dad

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