School building
Da Vinci High School

The building is located at Pilotów 4c Street in Krakow and is a combination of a primary school and a secondary school. In this way, we provide comprehensive development and accompany children during their journey towards adulthood.

In order to ensure the safety of children and young people, we guarantee monitoring and fencing of the facility to prevent unauthorized persons from entering it.

The Da Vinci High School is equipped with modern multimedia equipment, thanks to which classes become extremely interesting for each student. Interactive and modern devices support the development process and increase the adaptation of young people to changing technologies.

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dwujęzyczne liceum w krakowie

kolorowa nowoczesna klasa w liceum prywatnym

wyposażenie sali w dwujęzycznym nowoczesnym liceum w krakowie

Klasa przygotowana do nauki, gdzie uczniowie mogą być kreatywni i rozwijać pasje

corridor in high school with colorful pouffes and tables

colorful and modern interior of a private da vinci high school

colorful lockers in the hallway in a modern private high school

colorful and modern dining room at da vinci high school

dwujęzyczne liceum w krakowie

dwujęzyczne liceum w krakowie

dwujęzyczne liceum w krakowie

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