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Our non-public bilingual high school provides favorable conditions for education in a modern and international environment. We focus on constant development and individual approach to students - this way we create a friendly environment for them, in which they can develop their talents and passions.

Private education is an alternative to public teaching for the most demanding people. In the institutions managed by us, we focus on the individual development of young people and adapt curriculum to the needs of our students. We implement both the Polish and British programs, giving graduates an access to the universities around the world. Modern and bilingual Da Vinci high school has academic classes, thanks to which young people become fully prepared for the challenges of the big world.

Future high school student!
If you are still wondering which high school to choose, what profile to decide on and how best to prepare for the final exams, welcome to Da Vinci high school!
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Why should you choose Da Vinci high school?

  • two teaching programs - Polish and English,
  • the possibility of approaching International Baccalaureate and Polish Matura,
  • easy access to prestigious foreign universities,
  • elite and small classes,
  • international environment,
  • career counseling,
  • specialist courses and a wide range of additional classes,
  • meetings with famous people,
  • interesting sports activities,
  • teachers' individual approach to the needs of students,
  • modern equipment,
  • multimedia library - we have positions in many languages,
  • English as our language of classes,
  • professional teaching staff.

2024/2025 ADMISSIONS

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