Mission and vision
We share the passion for knowledge

Da Vinci’s International Schools’ Mission

Da Vinci’s International Schools’ mission is to care for and support young people. At our school, students have the possibility to find new interests, develop their talents and expand their knowledge in an environment of respect and tolerance, surrounded by people who share the same values.

Our schools’ goal is to provide students with a balanced education, which will be used as a tool to making informed choices and  taking on challenges through an understanding and curiosity about the world. In order to achieve this goal, we implement programmes subject to international standardization.

Da Vinci's International Schools’ students are reliable and creative; learning in an international environment shapes their sensitivity and open-mindedness towards other people.

Because we love to learn.

You're planning the future and we're helping you in achieving your goals.


We want to be a school that will focus on a partnerships with parents, students and employees.

We want to create learning environment in which everyone will feel safe and confident.

We aim to bring up a young, conscious, responsible person, open to the world and ready to face all challenges.

2020/2021 ADMISSIONS

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