Polish matura exam
At Da Vinci you choose what kind of matura exam you pass

The study program preparing for the Polish Matura exam in bilingual Da Vinci High School lasts 4 years for graduates of eight-year primary schools. We also direct the offer to junior high school graduates.

As part of the Polish matriculation examination, the student is required to pass:

  • three subjects at the basic level (Polish, mathematics, modern foreign),
  • minimum one subject at the extended level
The high school student learns to take the matriculation examination
Preparation to the exam

Our private teaching system supports full preparation for exams with complementary implementation of program content.

We focus on the development of linguistic abilities, so the language of our classes is English.

The international environment supports getting used to a foreign language and adapting to everyday communication with other people.

Prestigious universities

We provide thorough preparation for the Polish matriculation examination, thanks to which obtaining high results will be achievable for each of you.

It will give you the opportunity to study at prestigious Polish universities with the greatest requirements and standards.

The teacher teaches a high school English student at bilingual high school

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