Talking about plagiarism – part 2
Talking about plagiarism – part 2

Last week, we told you about what plagiarism is and how to recognize it. Today we want to share some tips on how to successfully avoid it. We also encourage you to look at the previous text: 


How to avoid plagiarism?


To avoid plagiarism, there are a few simple rules that you can follow:


    1. First of all, find out what plagiarism is - then it will be easier for you to avoid it, and your work will be more conscious and thoughtful.
    2. Plan your work - if you take notes from a book, write down which page you found any information on. This will help you organize your ideas and you will be able to quickly come back to the passage you need when needed. You will also know exactly what information you have found in the sources you are browsing.
    3. If you use fragments of someone else's text in your work, mark it by using quotation marks and / or a footnote at the bottom of the page. Then it will be known what you have come up with by yourself and what you have learned from others. For example, if you quote a book in your work, also include the author's name.
    4. Always include the source of information that you use in your work. After all, they didn't appear out of nowhere.
    5. If you add illustrations or videos to your work, please provide information about where you found them.
    6. Remember that information found on the Internet should also be marked, as well as those taken from books or articles. Materials that find their way to the Internet also have their authors.
    7. To be sure, you can use plagiarism recognition programs to help you check whether you are citing or marking the sources you used in the correct way.
    8. When in doubt whether you can use any of the materials for your work or how to do it properly, ask teachers or parents.




In conclusion, remember that every book, photo or video has an author who took the time to prepare it. For this reason, he or she deserves respect, so you can't just copy his or her work and pretend you did it yourself. You certainly wouldn't want someone to take your presentation or essay and brag about it being theirs. Therefore, always mention the author and the source of the work you are referring to.