2022/2023 Admissions

Recruitment Rules for Da Vinci bilingual high school
Rules and requirements

  1. All students who have completed primary school / gymnasium or have equivalent education obtained abroad may apply for admission to the first class of the secondary school.
  2. The school headmaster decides about the admission to the first or higher class.
  3. The admission follows the stages:
    a) conversation with the student and his parents (legal guardians),
    b) analysis of student documentation - including: results obtained on the external exam, school certificates, opinions / information about the candidate, information about the candidate's achievements, etc.,
    c) test of the level of language proficiency (English),
    d) conversation with the psychologist to determine individual predispositions.
  4. Adoption of candidates to the school is carried out until the places in the class are fully covered.
  5. In the recruitment process, the order of submitting the child to the list of candidates and the fact of having siblings at school is irrelevant.
  6. Qualifying conversation with parents is aimed at establishing willingness to cooperate and interact with the school environment.
  7. The school leaders are fully aware of the fact that students come from many countries in which education systems define the age criteria of individual classes in a different way from those used in Poland. The school reserves the right to place the student in the most appropriate class in its opinion.


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