Psychologist’s tips – Valentine’s Day
Psychologist’s tips – Valentine’s Day




Today we celebrate Valentine's Day which is the international holiday of love. Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and the need for love is in all of us. We can also spend this day with our friends who are important to us and we want to tell them about it!


Here are some tips on how to take care of relationships with friends.


#1 Acceptance

In a relationship we should accept others as they are, appreciate their strengths and weaknesses. Friendship is not only about what we have in common but also about accepting differences.


#2 Respect

Each of us is unique! Through friendship, we accept and respect that everyone is different. Remember that your friend is unique and express that.


#3 Support

In difficult times the support of friends is very important, sometimes just conversation or being close to the other person and showing that you understand.


#4 Empathy

It is the ability worth developing - to understand other people and to feel their emotions. If you see your friend going through a difficult time, try to be with them in their sadness. It is the same with joy! Experience moments of happiness together.


#5 Small gestures

Appreciate the kind gestures the other person makes to you. Remember that every small gesture is important! Do something nice for your friend too. Let it be selfless, simply because you like and appreciate someone.


#6 Actively Listen

Sometimes misunderstandings happen, but you always need to be able to talk to each other and especially listen. Be open to what others have to say and ready to listen to them.


#7 Honesty

Express your opinions in a way that is cultured and does not offend anyone. A good relationship is one in which you can always tell each other the truth and share your own thoughts.


#8 Trust

It takes time to develop a friendship and it can be compared to a hike together where many challenges and adventures occur. It's a time when you get to know each other and it's good to build trust and give the other person the feeling that they can rely on you.


#9 Time Together

Spending time together is a good opportunity to create new memories. If you feel comfortable in each other's company, there are plenty of ideas to plan activities such as a bike ride, movie night or board game night.


#10 Be yourself!

When dealing with others, remember the most important thing - don't pretend to be someone you're not or try to prove anything. Your friends like you for who you are, because each of us is unique!




The text is written and prepared by school psychologist, Adrianna Pawlak.