New school year – let’s begin!
New school year – let’s begin!

On Monday, we had the pleasure to host you at our solemn start of the 2019/2020 school year ­čśŐ, which took place at the Teatr Ludowy. We were happy to welcome children and parents, for whom we have prepared many surprises. Special thanks for participation and commitment to our special guests: Tadeusz P┼éatek, Jakub Oczkowski and ┼üukasz Lech!

The stage of Teatr Ludowy has transformed into the Lion's Land for the moment, and we all watched the wonderful performance performed by the students of the Krakowska Akademia Musicalu.

We Are The World sang by a group of young people and Jakub Oczkowski was like the icing on the cake.

Speaking of cakes, we've also prepared a special cake for our guests - a piece of Da Vinci's International Schools on a plate!

It was tasty and it was fun. It was cultural and a family time. Welcome to all of you at Da Vinci International Schools!