November in Da Vinci’s International High School
November in Da Vinci’s International High School

November in Da Vinci's

The last month was full of various events. For this reason, we have gathered the most interesting activities of our students in one place. Take a look at November!



The beginning of the month was marked by Diwali, the festival of light. It was an opportunity for Indian students to introduce their traditions and culture to other children. Within a few days, we watched dance shows, took part in Rangoli and Mehendi workshops and tried unique delicacies. All photos from Diwali celebrations can be seen in a seperate gallery.


National Independence Day

November 11th is the National Independence Day in Poland. The students took a moment to reflect on its meaning and recall what the history of Poland looks like. It is impossible, after all, to move forward completely without looking into the past and learning from what happened before.


TOK (Theory of Knolwedge) - exhibition

Our high school students also made a small exhibition as part of the TOK course. Each of them chose and described one object. Later students had the opportunity to discuss their examples with the teachers. It allowed them to practice their skills and learn how to find connections between different fields of science and knowledge.



Originating in the United States, Thanksgiving helps us to reflect on what we are grateful for in our lives. We cannot always see it at first glance, which is why such a moment of reflection can be extremely useful. To find it students met together to talk about the tradition of Thanksgiving ans share some sweets.


St. Andrews Day

We finished November celebrating St. Andrew's Day (Andrzejki). Fortune cookies, fortune telling and other games were prepared for the students. The full photo gallery can be viewed in a separate entry.