International Exchange Berlin 2019
International Exchange Berlin 2019

What an amazing trip!

The students of our school complex spent the last week in Germany's largest city, Berlin.
Our trip was full of learning, fun, exploring the nooks and crannies of the city and discovering its secrets. In our high school we know how to combine useful and pleasant ;).

Traveling abroad helps in creating bonds between young people and prepare for life in the big world, full of diverse cultures and people having different values. Thanks to such trips, we become more aware of the world around us and its immeasurable differences from what is a 'everyday normality' for us.

Such trips teach us language, resourcefulness, patience and self-confidence. They also give an incredible joy and the opportunity to develop ourselves


See how we spent days of last week!


In front of the Charlottenburg Palace we managed to take a photo in which (almost) everyone has open eyes :).

At the Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe, we learned a lot about human rights and the history of Germany.
These 2711 blocks made a great impression on us.

We also visited Katharina Heinroth Grundschule, where we met the children and teachers of this school and participated in very interesting activities.


It was a really good week! Da Vinci International Schools is greeting from the Brandenburg Gate!