Fat Thursday
Fat Thursday

Today we are celebrating Fat Thursday (Tłusty Czwartek), the last Thursday before Lent in the Christian tradition. On this occasion, you can feast on various sweet delicacies. 


The most popular treats on Fat Thursday are, of course, donuts (pączki), usually stuffed with marmalade. You can also use jam or chocolate. Donuts are made of yeast dough and deep-fried. However, they were not always served sweet. In the past, donuts were also stuffed with bacon or meat.

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Another delicacy is the angel wings (faworki), which are sometimes called brushwood (chrust). They are shortbread cookies in the shape of curled bows, which are also deep-fried. Faworki are usually served sprinkled with powdered sugar, but they are tasty without it.

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Fat Thursday is extremely popular in Poland, but other countries also have their variants of this holiday. In Italy it is called Giovedi Grasso, and in Germany Weiberfastnacht. In both of these holidays, delicacies play an important role, just like in the case of Fat Thursday.


Do you have any favourite recipes for this holiday? Do you prefer pączki or faworki?

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