December in Da Vinci’s International High School
December in Da Vinci’s International High School

December in Da Vinci's

The last month was a time to prepare for Christmas, meet together and show others that they are important to us. High school students also have engaged in several activities related to the occasion.


Christmas decorations

Various decorations have appeared in the corridors and classrooms of our school, which put us in a festive mood. Of course the Christmas trees were the dominant theme, but there were also snowflakes, snowmen and Christmas balls. They look particularly good on students' lockers.



Christmas party

The high school students also managed to meet for a moment to give each other gifts and exchange good wishes. All this in a festive atmosphere, created by Christmas trees and candles. There were also sweet snacks waiting for them, and probably everyone was happy with the gift they got.



Help in Christmas performance

Finally, it is also worth mentioning the performance based on Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol" prepared by primary school also featured high school students. They took on the role of comperes announcing the performance and introducing viewers to the topic. The entire performance can be viewed below.